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Anti-Slavery Campaigners Arrested in Mauritania, the Country With the World’s Highest Slavery Rate

Ten anti-slavery activists were arrested earlier this month in the town of Rosso, Mauritania — the country that has the highest rate of slavery in the world, according to a recent human rights group report.
Charged under Mauritania’s terrorism laws with incitement to racial hatred, the activists now await trial in the capital Nouakchott. There, authorities last week detained a further two human rights defenders — this time for organizing protests calling for the release of their fellow campaigners.  Lire la suite

The African Dream

The dream that the twenty-first century will be the “African Century” is powerful and intoxicating. It is also becoming reality. As African officials gather in Washington, DC, on August 4-6 for the first US-Africa Leaders Summit, it is worth considering the basis – and the limits – of the continent’s progress.

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