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UN Chief & World Leaders Urged to Endorse Appeal for Amnesty of Political Prisoners as UNHRC Celebrates 10th Anniversary on Monday

Geneva Human Rights Council on Syria

GENEVA, June 10, 2016 — UN Watch, a Geneva-based non-governmental human rights organization, today called on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, UN human rights high commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein, U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power and EU foreign affairs commissioner Federica Mogherini to endorse an appeal to all 47 member states of the UN Human Rights Council to issue an amnesty to release their political prisoners on the occasion of the Council’s 10th anniversary, which is being celebrated in Geneva at a high level ceremony with the participation of all past presidents of the Council. Lire la suite

Anti-Slavery Campaigners Arrested in Mauritania, the Country With the World’s Highest Slavery Rate

Ten anti-slavery activists were arrested earlier this month in the town of Rosso, Mauritania — the country that has the highest rate of slavery in the world, according to a recent human rights group report.
Charged under Mauritania’s terrorism laws with incitement to racial hatred, the activists now await trial in the capital Nouakchott. There, authorities last week detained a further two human rights defenders — this time for organizing protests calling for the release of their fellow campaigners.  Lire la suite

The African Dream

The dream that the twenty-first century will be the “African Century” is powerful and intoxicating. It is also becoming reality. As African officials gather in Washington, DC, on August 4-6 for the first US-Africa Leaders Summit, it is worth considering the basis – and the limits – of the continent’s progress.

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